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4 August 2014

Partnership Aqua for All and Millennium Water Alliance

Drought resilience program in North Kenya...

28 July 2014

Visit our seminar during Stockholm World Water Week

Designing our Water-Energy Future: Challenges, Opportunities and Capacities Needed...

8 July 2014

Aqua for All and Millennium Water Alliance agree on

strategic partnership...

8 July 2014

Goodnews from one of our partners, SimGas



28-29 August 2014

World Toilet Organization BoP convention

31 August-05 September 2014

International Water Week

This year Aqua for All is co-host of the Netherlands Embassy network event and of a workshop

03-04 September 2014

Dutch reception at the Embassy

24-26 September 2014

Deltas in times of climatechange II

about deltas and climatechange


Aqua for All is a foundation dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the poorest people in the world, the people with less than $ 4 a day, the so called Base of the Pyramid (BoP). Our purpose is to steadily increase the number of people with access to clean water and adequate sanitation on a sustainable base. Aqua for All acts as a networking agent, connecting public and private organizations, mobilizing resources, expertise and finances from the Dutch water sector towards development projects focused on water and sanitation.

To achieve our goals we have developed so called development tracks:

Innovation Track: 3R
collage_3r.jpg (60.9 K)  

Innovation Track: New Sanitation
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innovation Track: Appropriate Technology for the Base of the Pyramid
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Please feel free to ask us for advise and contact us